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Career Transition Consulting

New Beginnings
For over 20 years, PerforMAX has enjoyed the outstanding reputation of maximizing employee potential through employee development.  Our new career outplacement division has been uniquely designed to help employees at all levels make a smooth transition to any number of new and exciting  career opportunities.  These may include staying in the corporate environment, consulting or even beginning a new career as an entrepreneur.

We are most sensitive to today’s challenges and how difficult it is for companies to increase revenues, cut expenses and control labor costs.  Unfortunately, employee reductions have become an all too familiar part of our daily routines.  PerforMAX has developed a way to help you and your employees transition through these difficult times with compassion and dignity.  Our programs and services are based on real life experiences. We've worked in the corporate environment and interacted with virtually every type of employee at all levels throughout of the organization.

We know and understand what needs to be done to help transition employees to the next stage in their career. 

The Programs
Our staff of professionals have designed a practical, streamlined approach toward assisting your former employees with immediate emotional and psychological needs as well as the steps required to transition to their next corporate position or life decision.  Our programs and services include: 

  • Career Coaching – Making the transition to your next career

  • Executive Development – A series of training and development programs aimed at honing leadership skills 

  • Resume Writing – How to create a resume that will attract the most attention in the job market 

  • To Choose or Not to Choose – The advantages and disadvantages of becoming a consultant versus an entrepreneur or staying in the corporate environment 

  • Interviewing Skills – Guaranteed flawless interview techniques that will assist you in securing a job quicker than anyone else

  • Money, Money, Money – Our certified financial planners will help you develop a financial plan for you and your family so that you can focus on your future career

  • Dealing with Change – What it’s like to get used to the notion of not working for your former employer and reenergizing oneself for the future 

  • Assessment Tools – PerforMAX uses numerous assessment tools to help individuals get a clear picture of behavior styles, career strengths and preferred opportunities for the future

For more information about our programs and customized services, please feel free to reach out to us directly by email at or by calling 732.996.5661.  

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