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Critical Aspects of Recruiting

What is often said…

“We seem to have an unusual amount of turnover in our company within the first year of employment.  I wonder if we put too much of our hiring decisions on instinct and gut feelings.”


Recruiting qualified and appropriate candidates is one of the most challenging tasks leaders face.  We need to work towards improving the average mis-hire rate of 50% that companies are experiencing today.  This program shows the impact to the organization when various methods of hiring practices are used. There is a major focus on the reflection, interview and evaluation phase of the employment process.  Leaders will learn how to audit an existing position prior to recruiting.  Additionally, they will learn the art of asking behavioral related questions that are guaranteed to solicit the most important information needed to make an informed decision. 


  • The Costs of Recruiting
  • Hiring on Instinct
  • Auditing Existing Positions
  • Critical Skills Assessment
  • Company Hygiene
  • Open and Reflective Questions
  • Behavioral Style Interviews
  • Evaluating Applicants
  • Legal Awareness
  • Reference Checking

One day

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