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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs 

What makes PerforMAX so different from any other outplacement organization?
To begin with we have seen the world in virtually ever perspective from the corporate environment to consulting to entrepreneurial roles.  We easily relate to displaced individuals regardless of what role or company they come from.  We have been around all types of employers and all size companies.  And we have an acute ability to relate to each individual on a one-on-one basis so that they can get our maximum attention. 

What if I only want to use some of the services offered?
No problem.  Our services are segmented so that you are free to choose what best suits your needs.  You can even discuss additional customization beyond our offerings that could further benefit you and your organization. 

What type of employee should take advantage of outplacement services?
We firmly believe that all employees that are displaced for any number of reasons should have the opportunity to avail themselves to outplacement services.  This may include the obvious examples of employees impacted by downsizing and layoff initiatives but could also consist of retirees and in some cases voluntary leaves.  (See the next question for ways an employee may benefit from these services).  

How can my former employees benefit from your services?
In addition to the typical outplacement services offered for displaced employees, there are many other reasons why individuals (retirees and other former employees) may benefit from our type of services.  The psychological impact of transitioning from one job to another is often difficult to absorb.  This takes time and one frequently needs a sounding board during this important period.  In the case of a retiree, the mere fact of getting use to not working is often, at times, a very difficult transition to make.   Dealing with potential financial difficulties and planning for the future is another factor to consider.  And then, for displaced employees,  there are countless other areas to explore including types of roles to consider,  companies to seek, preparing for interviews and working on a host of other areas that may not have been a high priority for the past 10 or even 20 years.

Are there any specific types of positions that you are not experienced to work with?
Not really.  We have worked with virtually every type of organizational culture and every level of employee from non-supervisory levels to all levels of leaders including first line supervisors, middle managers, directors, vice presidents, directors and C-suite.  We also relate quite well to various size organizations and have interacted effectively with small and large organizations.

Many companies offer programs and services over the internet as well as counseling services over the telephone.  Do you offer these services as well?
While it would be quite easy for us to include our services in an internet and telephone based format, we believe that a one-on-one presence has always and will always serve our clients needs best.  After years of experience we can attest first hand that there is no substitute for in-person interaction.  We are committed to serving our clients needs in the best possible way so that they can get on with their lives in the most sensible and practical manner.

For more information about our programs and customized services, please feel free to reach out to us directly by email at or by calling 732.996.5661.

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