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Interpersonal Communication Skills/Conflict Resolution

What is often said…

“I pride myself on being an excellent communicator. I wish everyone communicated like me.  We would be a lot better off.”


In order to be successful in any job, a strong foundation of communication skills is critical.  In fact, some would argue that one’s capacity to communicate effectively is the most important ingredient needed to get ahead in today’s competitive business environment.  This program, in part, is designed to help remove the common barriers that interfere with daily communication and discover ways to improve our ability to ask the right questions.  Participants will also learn how to improve their listening skills so that they can assume value in what is being communicated to them.  There is an in-depth analysis of clarifying, confirming, managing differences and conflict resolution.


  • Four Methods of Communication
  • Hearing versus Listening
  • Intent versus Effect
  • Assuming Value
  • Methods of Listening
  • Rules for Negotiating
  • Overcoming Barriers
  • Clarifying and Confirming
  • Clarifying and Confirming
  • Constructive Criticism
  • Managing Differences
  • Negotiating Styles

Length of ProgramOne Day

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