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Our Philosophy

After years of experimenting with different methodologies, we still find that there is no substitute for one-on-one interaction.  We pride ourselves in meeting face-to-face with our clients in the comfort of our offices or, if preferred, even at the client's home.  Yes, we even make house calls. 

The best part about our programs and sessions is their strong foundation.  Our founder and CEO, Steve Rice has over 20 years associated with senior corporate roles as well as another 15+ years in various consulting capacities in virtually every type of industry and organizational level.  He has worked closely with senior executives and Boards from all size organizations and understands the nuances of all corporate cultures.  

We understand our client’s needs best because we have been on the “inside” on thousands of occasions.  We pay attention to every intimate detail including:  

Career Needs Assessment
Preparation for Next Job Search
Honing Interview Skills
Executive Development
Career Coaching
Financial Planning
Dealing With Change
And much more…

For more information about our programs and customized services, please feel free to reach out to us directly by email at or by calling 732.996.5661.


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