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Group Seminar – New Beginnings -  $750 per person (two day program)

In the event that it becomes more feasible to provide a series of career transition services to employees in a group setting, PerforMAX has the perfect alternative.  We offer a two day format that can be further customized based on your organizational needs.  The core outline includes:

Dealing with Change
Where you go from here
Psychological impact of changing work environments
Career alternatives
The new rules of job searching 

New Beginnings
Cover letters and Resume Writing
Getting front and center with prospective employers
Marketing “Me, inc.” on the internet
Playing the numbers game           

Interviewing Techniques
How to overcome employer biases
How employers evaluate candidates
How to respond to questions
Asking the right questions
Evaluating the job for the proper fit 

Financial Planning
Personal budgeting
Investment planning
Rollover accounts and changing strategies
Restructuring debt

Time Management
Forming New Habits
Getting out of our comfort zone
Establishing, prioritizing and executing meaningful goals
Classic time wasters 

Understanding Yourself & Others
Learning to understand others
Instant assessment of behavior styles
Modifying behavior styles
How to identify and manage different behavior styles

PerforMAX Premium Program - $6,500 (6 months)

PerforMAX Plus Program - $4,750  (3 months)

PerforMAX Essentials Program - $2,995 (3 months)

For more information about our programs and customized services, please feel free to reach out to us directly by email at or by calling 732.996.5661.

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