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Understanding Yourself and Others

What is often said…

“Since it’s obvious that we constantly interact with all types of behavior styles, how can we successfully adjust our behavior to positively impact the way we lead our staff?”


This popular program of understanding internal motivation and behavior styles has multiple applications.  Throughout the session, participants complete four different self-assessment instruments that are self-scoring and self-interpreting.  The results of these instruments help each person understand their values and primary behavior style.  The secondary benefit is how to apply this knowledge in the workplace.  Participants learn how to delegate work based on value types, establish job standards, manage performance and understand others through their actual behavior and even the behavior they project to others.  The insight gained about themselves and others will benefit their approach toward leading, selling and communicating with everyone from their boss to direct reports.


  • Internal Motivation Styles
  • Understanding Values Shifts
  • Capitalizing on Employee Strengths
  • Improving Interpersonal Relations
  • Assessing Behavior Styles
  • The Four Styles of Behavior
  • How to Influence Others
  • Interpreting Performance
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Behavior Modification

LENGTH OF PROGRAM --- One and two day versions

For more information about our programs and customized services, please feel free to reach out to us directly by email at info@performax.com or by calling 732.996.5661.  

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